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 – A Horror Comic Book Anthology

‘The Flytrap’ probes the horror of nature’s closing jaws 


Grotesk Comics is proud to announce their first installment of horror anthology ‘The Flytrap’, available soon at GroteskComics.com and select comic book stores in the GTA.


‘The Flytrap’ appeals to fans of existential horror, eldritch terror, and other Lovecraftian themes that course through our collective nightmares. Also inspired by EC Comics, The Twilight Zone, and Cannon Films, the comic is “surprising and refreshing,” says Sam Noir.


On what’s left of Earth, Ben made the mistake of surviving too long. Giant bugs are roaming the landscape, literal demons haunt his dreams, and there’s something wrong with Dr. Wright. What is she a doctor of exactly? She hasn’t been able to help Ben with his bed sores. She probably won’t be happy when she finds the knife he’s been hiding. But why is he hiding a knife?


Grotesk Comics publishes part 1 of ‘The Flytrap’ as a black and white horror comic, with Jonathan Kociuba drawing and Eddie Mumford writing every issue. 

Now includes 7"x7" inked comission! Please send email to us after you ordered. 




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