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 – A Horror Comic Book Anthology

‘The Flytrap’ probes the horror of nature’s closing jaws 


Grotesk Comics is proud to announce their second instalment of horror anthology ‘The Flytrap’, available at GroteskComics.com and select comic book stores in the GTA.


A comet hits the Earth, waking up the alien fungus hiding in our DNA. A psychic fungus that claims it made the Earth, and now it’s come to harvest. When a mushroom god thinks you’re interesting, being dead isn't an option anymore. Alien or Demon, it won't matter if Ben and Dr. Wright don't stay engaging. Everyone pays the price of admission, but can they stomach their new master's appetite? 


Grotesk Comics publishes 'The Flytrap’ as a black and white sci-fi horror comic, with Jonathan Kociuba illustrating and Eddie Mumford writing every issue.

Now includes a 7"x7" inked commission!
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