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 – A Horror Comic Book Anthology

‘The Flytrap’ probes the horror of nature’s closing jaws 


Grotesk Comics is proud to announce their third instalment of the sci-fi horror anthology ‘The Flytrap’, available at and select comic book stores in the GTA.
After a comet hits the earth, a prehistoric fungus in our DNA wakes up transforming the survivors into vicious devouring insects. But is survival worth the price of admission? The Flytrap is an anthology series where the human race goes extinct and the next step in evolution takes over.
Grotesk Comics publishes 'The Flytrap’ as a black and white sci-fi horror comic, with Jonathan Kociuba illustrating and Eddie Mumford writing every issue.

Now includes a 7"x7" inked commission!
Email us your request after you order



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