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Hey there, Grotesk Comics fans!

We have some monstrously exciting news! Our darkly funny sci-fi horror comic book, The Colony, made its debut at TCAF last weekend, and it's now available for purchase at our web shop!

But that's not all – we're giving you a taste of the action for free! Starting this week, we'll be posting a page from The Colony on our website every week. Once we've caught up with the book, we'll keep posting the rest of the story for free. So, whether you're a devoted collector or a digital reader, we've got you covered!

Why should you dive into The Colony? As a comet threatens our species, the only character no the path to survival is eating a prehistoric mushroom that claims to be our creator, as it turns what's left of our species into ravenous bugs. It's grotesquely humorous, darkly thrilling, and irresistibly bizarre!

Plus, every purchase of The Colony comes with a FREE commission! Just include details and a picture of any character you want, and we'll craft a 4x6 inch custom piece just for you.

Support indie artists, enjoy a wild ride, and join us in growing our fan base. If you can't afford the book, no worries – follow along for free on our website and catch up with our paper-readers over the next several weeks.

Check it all out here at! And follow us on the socials!

Written by Eddie Mumford with Art by Jonathan Kociuba

And lettered by Sam Noir

The Colony Copyright © 2024 GROTESK COMICS. All rights reserved.

Based on characters originally published in ‘The Flytrap’ comic anthology series (2021-2023) also from GROTESK COMICS.

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